Party Kitty Fan Club

Party Kitty Fan Club - $60.00

Party Kitty package includes: Tote Bag, Evil Kitty Hot Shorts, Patch, Button, Pen, Stickers* and a T-shirt
$60 + shipping
(Retail Value: $86)

By becoming an Evil Kitten you will get to choose between 3 different levels of membership that can be bought for one year. With the initial sign up fee you will receive an Evil Kitten goody bag that will include items such as hot shorts, t-shirt, buttons, pens, stickers, etc. All items will be placed in an exclusive Evil Kitty tote bag that will only be offered to Evil Kittens. We will start shipping goody bags in the first two weeks of December, in time for Christmas. The membership will start January 1, 2009 so by joining now you will receive November and December FREE!!

Evil Kittens will be offered exclusive items, be involved in numerous contests and given certain discounts that no other Evil Kitty customer will receive. Our goal when joining the Evil Kittens is to make you feel like you are a part of our family. Each month will involve a different offer for Fan Club members and we want you to feel extra special during the month of your birthday.

Available sizes: S (2-4), M(6-8), L(8-10), XL(10-12)

Hot Shorts: Cotton/Lycra, T-shirts and Hoodies 100% Cotton

* colors of pens, patches, buttons and stickers may vary

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